Where can my child participate in Rounded Minds™ programs?

Rounded Minds™ Programs. are offered through daycares, preschools, schools, churches, fitness centers and park and recreation programs in your area. Rounded Minds™ parks programs are open to the general public. Programs at private locations are only open to those enrolled at the location. Go to “locations” on our menu bar to find a Rounded Minds™ program location near you.

Rounded Minds™ continually adds new programs. Be sure to check back frequently to see new programs available at your location.

What type of equipment will my child need to participate?

Rounded Minds™ provides all the equipment needed for each of our classes. Children are only required to wear clothing appropriate for each activity.

How long is each Rounded Minds™ class?

Rounded Minds™ classes are typically between 35 to 40 minutes long because studies show this is ideal for young children. But depending on the type of class and the age range of the children, some classes may be longer.

How long do Rounded Minds™ programs run?

Some Rounded Minds™ programs may run for three months while other popular and established programs are offered all year long. We have a variety of programs available year-round so there will always be options for your child to stay active and to continually develop skills and practice Spanish. Go to “locations” on our menu bar for more information about Rounded Minds™ programs hosted a location near you.

Can my child switch between Rounded Minds™ programs?

Yes. We understand the importance of a rounded education. We encourage parents to let their children try different Rounded Minds™ programs. Once your child joins in one, two, or three weekly programs you can move them from one program to another any time space is available.

How do I find locations that host Rounded Minds™ programs near me?

Simply click on “locations” on our menu and enter your address or zip code to see a list of program locations near you. We are constantly adding new locations. But if the search does not return a nearby result please be sure to fill out the form with your email address to request a location or contact us about launching a program.

Can I have Rounded Minds™ start a program near me?

Yes! If there is not currently a Rounded Minds™ program in your neighborhood, we are always willing to approach the local park and recreation department about launching one! But the easiest way to get a Rounded Minds™ program launched is by forming a group of at least six children from your neighborhood, school, church or any other organization willing to take part. We’re happy to help you talk through ideas about how to make this happen. Please click on “Host a Program’ for more information. You may also click on the “Contact” tab on our menu bar. Tell us you want to “Host a Program” in the subject line – or simply give us a call!

Who teaches Rounded Minds™ classes?

We only have the best-of-the-best on our staff. All of our classes are led by attentive, passionate professionals who hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, are bilingual, and also has experience teaching children. Our staff is passionate about their job. They are the best at what they do because they love what they do.

What age does my child need to be to participate in Rounded Minds™ programs?

Rounded Minds™ programs are designed for children ages 2 through 9 years old. Some programs may be specifically designed for younger children. Within programs, children are placed in individual classes according to age. Programs. and classes for specific ages of children vary by location – check your location for availability.

Does my child need to speak or know any Spanish to participate?

No. Research says when children are able to associate the meaning of words within context they’re able to retain those words faster. That’s why at Rounded Minds™ we use Spanish Immersion techniques where we focus on introducing Spanish language in the context of our program activities. Children are exposed to Spanish language authentically and naturally while they are playing games, singing songs and receiving instruction. Read more.

How much do Rounded Minds™ programs and classes cost?

Programs, prices and payment methods vary by location. Check your location for program availability, dates, pricing and additional information.