Benefits of hosting a Rounded Minds™ program at your daycare, preschool, after-school center, gym or fitness center:

One of the greatest benefits is that Rounded Minds™ brings programs to the children at your location – so there is no need to transport children.

  • Rounded Minds™ allows you to provide an additional enrichment program at your location that parents will love. Since parents sign up for the program independently there is no cost to the host.
  • Since Rounded Minds™ come to your location, our programs are a great way for parents to enroll their child in a high-quality extra-curricular activity without an additional time investment.
  • We view ourselves as a partner with our hosts, and run our Rounded Minds™ programs in a way that fits with your site’s schedule.
  • Our teachers are professionals and are highly educated.
  • All of our classes are led by attentive, passionate professionals who hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree, are bilingual and also has experience teaching children.
  • Rounded Minds™ is fully licensed and insured.
  • If you’d like Rounded Minds™ to hold a program at your location, please give us a call.

Offer Rounded Minds™ Classes through Public Park and Recreation Programs:

  • Rounded Minds™ offers park and recreation programs for mom/parent groups, church groups and to the general public for children 2 to 9 years old at parks throughout the city.
  • Our programs are non-competitive in nature, and focus on individual skill development in a fun, creative environment designed to allow children to enjoy and learn.