The format for all Rounded Minds™ programming is high-energy! Children experience the joy of learning new skills by “doing” and through fun games, songs, and positive reinforcement. Every Rounded Minds™ class is designed and led by attentive experts committed to providing safe, creative and fun educational experiences.


Your child can learn and practice the fundamentals of soccer or rugby or be exposed to the basics of several sports through our sports exploration class. Children also get moving doing yoga, dance, or tumbling or have the opportunity to be creative through drama, music or art exploration.


Whether you want your child to learn a sport or to express them self creatively, each of our programs are also designed for them to start learning Spanish naturally and effortlessly through language immersion techniques.

This high-energy fitness program is led by professional soccer coaches who introduce children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using their feet, dribbling, passing, ball control, and shooting by using creative games, positive reinforcement, and even songs. Children will learn the basic rules of the game while practicing sportsmanship and teamwork.

Programs available for ages 2-9.

Our developmental dance program focuses on motor development and fitness while allowing children to express themselves through creative movement. This fun class emphasizes getting kids moving while introducing them to basic salsa, modern dance, and hip-hop techniques.

Programs available for ages 3-9.

We combine simple yoga poses, engaging games, songs, and even art in our yoga program designed to exercise the mind and develop children’s social, sensory and motor skills while increasing flexibility. Our instructors share their yoga passion in the energy-releasing classes that also encourage self-expression.

Programs available for ages 2-9.

Classes in our art program help children develop new artistic skills and craftsmanship while creating unique masterpieces using a wide range of quality materials. Our art instructors expose children to a variety of different artistic styles in classes designed to allow children to express themselves creatively while exercising fine motor, cognitive, language and listening skills.

Programs available for ages 2-9.

Our tumbling program allows young children to enhance their social skills and develop greater strength, flexibility, and coordination – along with a lifelong love of fitness. Classes are taught with a theme to catch the attention of the young gymnast and build skills through creative movement and music.

Programs available for ages 2-5.

Children laugh, dance and sing while developing skills and acquiring the love of music. Our music program is designed to enhance children’s development of music skills through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Music instructors expose children to an array of styles, and help children explore rhythm, melody, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills. Students learn lots of new songs and even create their own music.

Programs available for ages 2-9.

Flag rugby is a non-contact “touch” form of rugby using flags. The rugby program is a fast-paced, safe, and FUN way to improve any athletic skill while learning about space strategy and teamwork. Professional coaches teach children rugby basics and help them improve their running, kicking, passing skills. Children will also develop self-confidence.

Programs available for ages 2-9.

This action-centered sports sampling program exposes children to a variety of sports while they explore and develop their natural abilities. Professional coaches create enjoyable experiences for children that emphasize fitness, fun, and play to foster motivation for lifelong participation in sports.

Programs available for ages 3-6.

Our theater program enriches children’s lives through the magic of performing arts while developing their confidence and speaking skills. Our instructors introduce children to acting and performance basics while offering them an outlet for self-expression, fostering imagination and laying the foundation for the life-long enjoyment of performance art.

Programs available for ages 2-9.