Why learning a second language gives your child more opportunities

Learning a second language at a young age means some advantages in several aspects, like academic and social abilities. This facts is supported by several studies that prove that when children are exposed into a second language, achieve other perspectives in creativity and social skills.

One of the studies that prove it is the book: The bilingual edge: why, when and how to teach your child a second language. Dr. King and Mackey provide an example of de advantages bilingual kids have.

During the examination tests, they asked some children in how many ways they can use an empty water bottle. The conclusions revealed that bilingual kids had more creative answers, in comparison with those who only speak or know one language. The reason of the advantage: learning a second language gives a “flexible mentally” to kids.

The “flexible mentally” effect gets useful in different life aspects. One of the benefit areas is the academic side. Kids exposed to a second language have a better memory, as a consequence, it’s easier for them to remember what they learned at school and don’t have to spend too much time studying at home, with let them an extra time to extracurricular activities.



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